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Goldwater Lake

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Wolf Creek Falls, Central Bradshaws


Granite Basin Lake, North side of Bradshaws

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on the Bradshaws

Granite Creek in Prescott

Senator Falls, central Bradshaws


The Bradshaw Range has several lakes, rivers and flowing streams. Most

are remote rugged locations. If this attracts you, youíre in luck because

these are the ones we have sought out over the years.



The Bradshaws and surrounding area have several lakes. All are

containments created to store water for mines, farming, and towns. Today

they have established hiking trails around them and angling opportunities.

These are beautiful places that attract a variety of wildlife. Click

on the lakes you are interested in to learn more.


There are two major rivers that have their origins in or near the

Bradshaws. Both flow, in places, year around.  They are wildlife

hotspots and some have endangered trout and other species of fish.

They are quiet places seldom visited except by those seeking just



There many streams in the Bradshaws. These are rugged secluded beautiful places seldom visited. They are wildlife corridors. Streams

have been our favorite places over the years to explore. Pack out what

you pack in. Click on the ones that interest you. We will be adding

more locations over time as we build this site. They will be announced

in our newsletter.  For information on creeks in the Prescott area click here


Now you might be saying to yourself waterfalls? Yes, there several

waterfalls in the Bradshaws. I love waterfalls, so Iíve sought them

out.  Most require long remote hikes. Some only flow during snow melt

or after thunderstorms. Be careful and donít hike alone.

We will be adding more locations over time as we build this site. They

will be announced in our newsletter.

Fain Lake during the fall


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