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Minnehaha Creek

Near Minnehaha Flat is the remote Minnehaha Creek that flows most of the year. One can drop in near the old Shelly town site and go all the way to the Hassayampa River if you wish, which would take a couple of long days. There is, also, an exit at the 1/2 way point off the FS682B road. The first part is the most scenic and has a few large swimming holes along the way. Springtime is favored when the water is flowing well and everything is fresh and green. Willows, oaks, and cottonwoods live along its banks. As far as wildlife, this creek has it all. There are nice mule deer, mountain lions, rattlesnakes and plenty of javelina. This is a remote area so be sure to tell someone your plans should you desire a beautiful lonely hike.
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