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Watson Lake near Prescott

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Grapevine Creek, East side of Bradshaws

Antelope Creek, West side of Bradshaws


Spring Falls, East side of Bradshaws

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We have written many articles about the Bradshaw's through the years and have received numerous emails inquiring about specific locations.

So we decided to provide you with some information through Bradshaw Mountains.com.  Mark and his wife, Mary, are the owners of a local photography studio Mr. Quigley Photography.com. They live in the Bradshaws and operate their studio there. Markís photography company specializes in documenting and recreating the old west through the use of modern photography. 

Mark writes and photographs for many different magazines and clients. A client list can be seen by clicking here.

Mark has had a life long fascination with the Bradshaw Mountain Range and has been exploring and researching it for over 40 years.

"During the 1950ís and 60ís my dad, was a crop dusting pilot when I was growing up.  He would slip away at times to look for ghost towns from his stearman aircraft. Later my whole family was out exploring the ghost towns and mines located originally from the air, by jeep. I learned to love the old west and exploring this special mountain range. As soon as I was 16 I got myself a 4x4 vehicle and was off to the Bradshaws exploring myself."

Mark began his outdoor career working as a Park Police Officer at Lake Pleasant. He wrote numerous articles about this area for the then popular magazine, Arizona Outdoor News.  Mark is also the author of the Lake Pleasant Guide Book.

Later, he was hired by the Arizona Game and Fish Department as a Game Warden.  Much of his time was spent patrolling and working in the Bradshaws. He has patrolled the Bradshaws by horse, 4x4 vehicles, ATVs, airplane/helicopters, and hiking.  During his off times he returned to photograph and document seldom visited places. Recently Mark retired from the Arizona Game and Fish Department. 

Mark has met and interviewed many interesting western characters that lived in these mountains during that time period. Many of them have passed on. 

Our hope is that you visit the Bradshaws and enjoy its rugged beauty, but leave it as you find it.

Antelope near Fain Road, Northeast Bradshaws


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