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Castle Creek Waterfall

This is one of the tallest waterfalls in the Bradshaws. At 125 feet itís a spectacular fall. It is located at the edge of the Castle Creek Wilderness on the east side of the Bradshaws. Itís a remote location and I have never encountered anyone at the falls and there is very little sign of human disturbance.

After snowmelt and summer rains it flows strong. The rest of the year itís a trickle. So plan your visit accordingly. Water plants bloom at the falls. Mountain lions, skunks, rattlesnakes and lizards are in the area. This is also a good location to see deer traveling in and out of the falls.

Iíve tried different ways to drop into Castle Creek Canyon. The best route for first timers is park at the location on the Google map. Drop into the creek and hike up to the falls. One can climb to the very base of the falls but itís slippery and steep.

As of fall of 2011 the Castle Creek Road leading to the falls has washed away and is safely passable by horse, 50 inch ATVs, motorcycle and foot. UTVs and autos cannot safely navigate this washed out area until repaired.
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