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Beautiful Hassayampa Lake near Potato Patch

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Ponderosa Pine Tree along Turkey Creek

Walker Road Central Bradshaws

Spring Bloom along Black Canyon Stage Road, East side of Bradshaws

Watson Lake Dam


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on the Bradshaws

Charcoal Kiln, Central Bradshaws

There are many ways to get around in the Bradshaws:  off road vehicles, ATVís, horses and hiking are the most common. We have broken locations down into various categories to make it easier to plan your next adventure. Click on the category you are interested in and you will be led to another page where locations will be again separated by location name.




Back Road Adventures

There are many interesting roads throughout the Bradshaw Mountains, that can be explored by vehicle. Visit this page to find information, for your next driving adventure. We will continue to add driving adventures to this page.


Bradshaw Lost Treasure Stories
Click here for stories of lost treasure and hidden treasure in and around the Bradshaw Mountains.


Hiking Trails

The Bradshaw Mountains offers excellent hiking opportunities on established trails. We have listed over 62 trails and will continue to add more over time. Click on this page for a list of trails.


Historical Locations

The Bradshaws are loaded with many historical places where local history was impacted and significant events took place. 

If youíre interested in this aspect of the Bradshaws we have placed a few of them here. We will be adding more locations over time.


Indian Ruins

The Bradshaws is loaded with cultural resources. The Hohokam culture lived here in mountain top forts and pueblos. They left many traces and clues about their culture. This is a sensitive topic as some of these gems have been raided and destroyed over the years. We will only mention a few so be respectful of the past and never take anything from these ruins.

Old West

On this page we list ghost towns, mining camps, mines and other historical locations.  We think we have been to them all over the last 40 years. It will take us awhile to post them.  They will be announced in our newsletter.


Other Adventures

Visit this page for other activities such as camping, wilderness areas, fishing, hunting and other unique areas in the Bradshaws.  


Our Partners
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Our passion is photography. We love to photograph these mountains and

its unique locations.



The Bradshaw Range has several lakes, rivers and flowing streams. Most

are remote rugged locations. If this attracts you, youíre in luck because

these are the ones we have sought out over the years.


Because of the differing habitats, the Bradshaws has a very abundant, unique and diverse population of wildlife. Visit our Wildlife Page to view a list.

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