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Grapevine Creek

This is one of my favorite creeks in the Bradshaws, with Minnehaha Creek coming in second. Because it is difficult to get to, I have seldom seen people here.  Because of its uniqueness, Grapevine is designated a "Special Botanical Area" by the Prescott National Forest.
This small creek has always flowed because its large springs. Even during the eleven years of drought, whenever I hiked, or rode up this drainage, the water was running. In the fall it is covered in a splash of bright colors. There are signs of bears in the upper parts, and I almost always see skunks. If your lucky and hike carefully and quietly, you may see turkeys. Watch for the strange looking, horizontal growing tree. One site worth visiting on the creek is a small waterfall. There is an ex closure in the northern parts of the canyon. A few aspens hold on here. For some reason the north west side of this canyon is heavily used by finches. Probably because of the thistle plants. In the summer, this creek comes alive, with bright yellow columbine flowers. If you don't want to scratch up your vehicle park at the recommended spot on the map, and hike. You wont be disappointed.

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Thick Columbine in summer


Small Waterfall


Golden Columbine



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