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Fall Aspens near old Senator Mine

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Spring wildflower bloom in the lower Bradshaws near Deer Springs. 



Saguaros in the lower Bradshaws near the ghost town of Gillette. 


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on the Bradshaws

View from Lake Pleasant of the Bradshaws

Perry Canyon entering the Agua Fria River Canyon



Old gas pumps at Cordes, East side of Bradshaws


Castle Creek Waterfall


Photographing the Bradshaws 


I love photography and even though it is a business, I still enjoy the craft in my off times. I began photographing as a child. My first camera was a Kodak 110. I've been photographing for so long that I naturally see life in still images. My style of photography is documentary, but I add artistic beauty to tell the visual story. Create your own style and work on developing it. Start with a basic photography class at your local college and while you're learning join us on one of our tours into the Bradshaws.

North American Nature
Photography Association

Best photography locations in the Bradshaws.
The great thing about photographing in the Bradshaws are the varying habitats and the wildlife. Here is a list of favorite spots. Give them a try and travel with someone.  See map on our Bradshaw History / info page. 

Click here for a list of Marks favorite photography locations.



Favorite photographers
We all have our favorite photographers. They inspire and help us see the world through their creative styles. They encourage better vision.. 

Click here for a short article on my favorite photographers.  


Favorite equipment
I have been documenting the Bradshaws for over 40 years. Still the most common question I get is, "What camera do you use?" When it comes down to it what does the brand name on a camera have to do with good photography.  I suppose it is like asking Rembrandt or Picasso what kind of paint brush they used?

To prove my point I built a website that only uses cell phone photos. It's called Droid Photo Life

The site gives tips to become a better photographer. Not only cell phone photographers use it, but the weekly tips encourage better photos. If a person can learn to create great images on their cell phones, they will defiantly become a successful photographer. Over and over again as I teach students this becomes apparent. New images from our cell phones are posted weekly from fellow photographer Donny and myself . The site includes photographic tips. Many of the images are from the Bradshaws. Don't let the brand name on the camera influence you. It's all about light and composition. The paintbrush you happen to use to make the image is only a tool. Even practice photographing unusual subjects. Click here to view an unusual article.  


OK, most people still want to know about our equipment. Through the years we have used all kinds, medium format (Hasselblad and Pentax) and 35 mm (Canon, Nikon and Pentax). When digital came along I started experimenting with it immediately. After trying Nikon and Canon, I settled on Canons D30s. Most of our clients still wanted transparencies, but I convinced a few to try images from the D30. They loved them. We even made the cover of several magazines using D30 images. We are talking about a 3 megapixel camera. With digital we no longer sent film to a lab for prints or developing. It eliminated the developer, usually the person who could care less about my clients and my personal images. Before we were always resubmitting work back to be redone to achieve a desired result. With digital we now controlled the quality, produced, and adjusted, and printed the image in studio. I know this is commonplace now but years ago it was not.  


Professional cameras
For most of our clients we use 
Canon Pro bodies with L series lens's. 

Client List


To see a list of our clients click here. 


When Photographing the Bradshaws
At times I will not use our professional equipment when in the Bradshaws because of weight and harsh conditions. I leave the good stuff in studio. 

  • Droid  camera phone   

  • Panasonic DMC-ZS3·   

  • Canon bodies, subject dictates choice·   

  • Canon and Tamron lens, subject dictates choice   

  • Canon flash 


Preferred tripods
A tripod creates better images. Buy a good one and force yourself to use it. 

  • Slik Pro 713CF 11, commonly used.
  • Bogen Manfrotto 3221, windy days and close to vehicle work.
  • Benro ct014, lightweight carbon, for hiking.
  • Ball heads - Linhofs



Camera Bags
We use Lowpro and Tamarac camera bags for professional work and airplane travel, but I've have never found a camera bag that works well for day or backpacking.  I prefer Badlands day packs and modify them. For long hikes they are more comfortable. For shorter hikes, I prefer an upland bird hunting vest by Mother Outdoors. 


Brushhawk Shoulder stock
I have been a shooter most of my life, for work and pleasure. I still participate in long range shooting. So naturally using a shoulder stock has worked well for long range photography. Before Brushhawk came along, I used my own custom shoulder stock from a modified rifle stock. So if you are a shooter and a photographer this combination would work well. 

Click here for my review on the Brushhawk shoulder stock.  


Camouflaging your equipment
For wildlife photography, you can purchase lens camo wraps. We wrap ours. C
lick here to read an article on how to do.


Photo editing
Various Adobe products.


Bradshaw Mountains Photography Contest

In the future we will sponsor a photography contest. Images should be loaded to the Palomino Bradshaw group for all to see. Click here for Palomino website. 

Our Photography Services
Photography services are available as well as a massive collection of imagery spanning 40 years in the Bradshaws and Arizona. Contact us for more info.

For photography needs, such as portraits, equine and product photography, contact us.

 Mr. Quigley Photography.com  


Photography Tours
If you want to join Mark and visit some of the unique photography locations in and around the Bradshaws please email.


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