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The Remains of Cowtown, South side of Bradshaws

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Abandoned Miner's Cabin in Black Canyon, East side of Bradshaws



Charcoal Ovens, Central Bradshaws


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on the Bradshaws

Old West


Ghost Tows & Mining Camps

Here are a few locations of Bradshaw ghost towns.  We have been to them all over the last 40 years, but it will take us awhile to load and post many of them. We will be adding more locations over time as we build this site. They will be announced in our newsletter.

Historical Locations

If you like the historical aspect of the Bradshaws we have placed a few of them here. We will be adding more locations over time. To visit the Historical Locations page Click Here



Many ask about gunfights in the Bradshaws. Hollywood has done a good job of portraying men that went out into the town streets and "drew" on each other. Per historical newspaper accounts this rarely happened in the old West.

In my research of this area, (1865 to 1873), men ventured West after the Civil war for jobs and a new start, and many wandered into the Bradshaws. Men and families tended to strongly rely on each other because times were so dangerous with Indian attacks and raids. Everyone was armed continually yet they rarely fought each other. This survival lifestyle probably forged deep long lasting relationships even among men who fought on opposing sides during the Civil war.

Later after the Indian war ended, (1874 to 1912) came more violence in four areas:

  • Stage coach robberies were common due to regular scheduled payroll deliveries and at times were violent. 

  • Disputes over mining claims, many times ending in murder.

  • Accidental gunshot wounds. Men simply, accidentally shot themselves.

  • Saloon Brawls increased after the Apache war. More and more saloons were built which resulted in drunkenness and fights. At times murder was the result by shooting one in the back. One interesting and sad account I have written about before can be read by clicking here

One Hollywood western movie that has depicted as to how an "old west" gunfight might have occurred is Kevin Costner's Open Range.



The Bradshaws are loaded with old gold and silver mines. Mining was the sustaining industry for about 70 years. In the early years, miners were killed by Indians tyring to discourage the activity. Old mines are fun to search out but never venture into them. They are unstable and dangerous.






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