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Old Senator Mine

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Vertical shaft, Tip Top Mine, South East side of Bradshaws.


Two Gun Mine samples, East side of Bradshaws.

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Bradshaw Mines

The Bradshaw Mountains had a gold rush in the mid 1860's that continued until about 1930.  Gold, silver and copper were the most sought after minerals. Adits and deep vertical shafts appear all over the Bradshaw landscape. They are fun to look at and ponder the hard working past but stay out of them! 

When I was a young foolish teenager I explored old Bradshaw mines. Once, while in one named  the “Lucky Chance,” and following a set of old rail tracks, I almost fell several feet not seeing another vertical shaft in the poor light. That was many years ago and mines have become even more unstable today. Stay Out!  

 Let the professionals provide images inside. Click here to see interior images of various Bradshaw mines. 

We will be adding more locations over time as we build this site. They will be announced in our newsletter. 











Left over mining equipment, Central Bradshaws


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