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Old Canon Stage Stop, East side of Bradshaws

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Arizona City, east side of Bradshaws



One room school house, Wagner, Walnut Grove, west side of Bradshaws.



Bumble Bee, east side of Bradshaws.


Old Castle Hot Springs Post office, south side of Bradshaws.

Bueno, central Bradshaws


Minnehaha Flats, central Bradshaws.


No Name Mining Camp East side of Bradshaws


Old Cordes


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Click here for a list of Marks favorite photography locations.


Ghost Towns

Below is a list of ghost towns in the Bradshaws. Click on the one you are interested in. 

There are over 40 ghost towns and mining camps in the Bradshaw Mountains. Not much remains of many. I will post images at a later date of my favorites in our newsletter and on our Flickr and Panoramio sites. 


Cowtown, south side of Bradshaws on Private Property


Ghost Town History

In the 1960's, my Dad would take us on ghost town hunting adventures. Several towns were intact and fascinating to visit during this time period. Today most towns in the Bradshaw have disappeared. The best preserved are on private property and protected. It's interesting that Indian ruins over 1000 years old in the Bradshaws, are in better shape simply because they are difficult to get to and require physical effort. Here are a few examples why Bradshaw ghost towns disappeared:

• America’s Depression - As with most ghost towns throughout the West, once they turned "ghosts", ranchers and nearby townsfolk salvaged all the lumber. This was especially true during the depression. An excellent example of this is the saloon that resided in Oro Belle. It was dismantled and hauled by wagon up the mountain to Crown King. Today you can visit this saloon and enjoy a great hamburger inside.

• Vandalism - In the 1970s I began to see this occurrence more often and it surprised and disappointed me. America’s values changed and access with 4x4 vehicles brought more and more people into the Bradshaws. Ghost towns were vandalized, destroyed, and the history taken.

• Nature and Time - viciously reclaims a town. An excellent example of reclaiming, is the YouTube video by Tails aka Halo Production. He has spent allot of time researching old photographs at Sharlot Hall and finding the locations they were taken from and photographed them again. You can see his excellent work by clicking here.

Ghost Towns Today
Today mostly mines, foundations, dumps, large unmovable equipment, and stone walls are the only remains of these historical places. A bit of imagination is needed as well as old photos to picture the life and times of the past.

Respect and enjoy ghost towns, but leave them as you found them.
For original town images visit Sharlot Hall in Prescott or their online archives.


Ghost Town List

We have partnered up with Neal Du Shane, with the Arizona Pioneer & Cemetery Research Project. Neal is a friend and I have written articles and done research for him in the past. Neal is defiantly someone who is very through with his research. He digs in until he finds the answers. Neal spends the winter looking for Bradshaw mining camps, ghost towns and old cemeteries. During hot summers he is searching for ghost towns in his home state of Colorado.

Some of the towns below are linked to Ghost Town.com's website.

Visit their website to see other ghost towns around the nation.  

Bradshaw Mountain Ghost Towns List 

Not a complete list




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