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Marks Recommended Hikes

On this page we have a few of our recommended hikes. I personally have not been a hiker of official trails through the years, preferring "off trail hikes".  For me and Scott, they lead to better wildlife viewing opportunities and my work at the Arizona Game and Fish Department required off trail, wildlife survey routes.
In recent years though, I have been exploring designated hiking trails. A few have stood out in the Bradshaw Mountains and surrounding area. I consider these the best. Enjoy them.

Our Maps
Some of these trails include a Google Track Map, to help you find specific locations and make decisions for choosing a trail. The maps are correct but the time data is not. Many times I simply pause the track to look over specific areas I do not want shown. I almost always hike with our Belgium Malinois War Dog and if he gets a hit (smell) of deceased wildlife we will spend time looking over an area for remains. Skull Valley Photography I also take time on hikes to photograph and brew a cup of coffee. So pay no attention to the times referenced on our Google Tracks.

Designated Hiking Trails
Below are a few of my favorite trails. Again times will be off because of the above reasons.

Physically Challenged Trails 
We have had questions asking for these types of trails. I've had a personal understanding of those confided to wheel chairs or crutches. So here are a few just for those in need of them. The following trails are also recommended for parents with children in strollers. 

Favorite Uphill Hiking Trail
Here we list one of our all time favorite uphill scenic exercise hikes. Its a short 6 miles, or with the extended route, nine miles and about a 1500 foot climb.

Favorite Flat Land Hike
For those looking for an easy scenic stroll through grasslands with a few slight hills consider this hike. Its rarely used.

Least Favorite Hike
Yes I have a hike in the Bradshaws I don't like. It passes through mostly chaparral plant community on the southwest side of the Bradshaws. Ten miles of chaparral!

Off Trail Hikes
It seems strange to recommend an off trail hike. I suppose because this kind of hiking can literally be done anywhere. One thing I like to do is look at a topo map and choose a mountain, drainage or other area to hike. Off trail hiking is better exercise because it leads to climbing,  scrambling dead falls, boulders and rocks. 

Drainage's make good off trail hikes because many include water which lead to excellent wildlife viewing areas. One can decide what kind of wildlife hike they want to have and pick specific habitats creatures prefer.

Remember for off trail hiking, go with someone. I carry a bit more in my pack in case I need to spend the night out. Use a compass, GPS or topo phone app, so you don't become lost.

Other Off Trail Hikes


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