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Wagoner Road

The west side of the Bradshaw Mountains has a scenic road that meanders through several large beautiful ranches as it follows the Hassayampa River. Don't attempt this drive during wet weather, you wonít be able to cross the many creeks. This is actually one of the historic stage routes to Phoenix. One can also go all the way to Crown King this way but itís a long slow drive that will require a high clearance 4x4 vehicle. This driving adventure takes you to Arizonaís greatest disaster. In 1890 a dam along the Hayassampa River burst and killed many people downstream in Fools Town and also flooded Wickenburg. See the map for driving points and directions.
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Cattail Filled Tank

Site of Wagoner Ghost town



Milk Creek

Hassayampa River

Hidden Spring at Campbell's Flat


Old Historic Bridge

Historic Lake Disaster

Turn Around Point


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