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Poland Road

This road gets its name from the old Ghost Town it leads to. The resettled community was renamed Breezy Pines. This is an out-of-the-way quick trip into the Bradshaws.
Turn west on Poland Road which was constructed along the historic railroad grade. After 1.5 miles you come to the old ghost town of Big Bug. Nothing much remains but a few old mines on the right from Big Bug’s boom days. There are a few washed out roads on the left leading to Big Bug Creek. Big Bug flows all year around and in August blackberries ripen along the creek.
Above Big Bug is the ghost town Providence located on private property.
On your left Big Bug Mesa gives one the feeling of being in the Colorado mountains.
An interesting stop is the old train tunnel. See map for location. The entrance is partially caved in, but a trail leads into the darkness inside. As you continue up the road, you enter Breezy Pines which was once called Poland. The old mine mill appears on the right.
Just past the old mill foundations turn right on an old road leading uphill. It will take you to the old Poland tunnel. For its day this was a masterpiece of technology. When being constructed two teams began on each side of the mountain and met in the middle at completion. The purpose of the tunnel was to transport gold and silver from the Walker area to the train track in Poland. Mules transported wagon loads 24 hours a day.

For more info on the tunnel click here.

Today the tunnel is flooded by water and the entrance is caved in. One can now return to the road and travel slowly through Breezy Pines. After Breezy Pines you can connect to the Five Corners intersection.

At this point, you can either return or click here for an adventure on Big Bug Mesa:

Google Map

Old Train Tunnel

Poland Walker Tunnel Entrance


Big Bug Creek



Old Poland Mill

Javelina in Winter


Poison Ivy along Big Bug Creek

Blackberrys along Big Bug Creek

Poland Road

Big Bug Ghost town site


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